You don't have to be a painter to create a masterpiece.

Paint Swatches

Your home or office has more than four walls. But there are thousands of possibilities for decorating those walls. That is when things can get overwhelming. One of the most common mistakes made when selecting paint is picking based on color and not performance. Sure, color is important. (After all, the color is what you see every day.) But what good is the perfect color if the paint begins cracking, peeling, or chipping after only one year?

Our paint professionals will meet with you to learn more about where you’re painting and what you want to accomplish. Together, they’ll pair you with the perfect paint that looks beautiful and lasts longer.

Elegant or efficient, window treatments can transform your room.

Once upon a time, a simple curtain was a sufficient way to cover a window. Today, homeowners can choose from treatments that provide functional privacy while adding a spectacular “wow” factor. Plus, the right window treatment can lower your utility costs by blocking the sun in the summer and retaining heat in the winter.

Though it’s easy to be guided by price, you’ll want to think again. Window treatments are exposed to the sun every day. Poor quality window treatments will start to fade, warp, and crack quickly.

Window Treatments

Types of Window Treatments Carried by Mitchell's Paints

Privacy, light, size, and function are all things to consider when choosing a window treatment.



A classic option for windows, blinds come in a variety of orientations and materials. Be it horizontal, vertical, wood, aluminum, or vinyl – we’ll help you find the best treatment for your space.


With a range of fabrics, textures, and opacity – window sheers are a wonderful way of letting in light without sacrificing privacy. Modern shades come in a variety of types including honeycomb, Roman, wove wood and traditional.



Worried about outside noise or rising utility costs? Indoor shutters are a timeless way to add style and function to a room. Whether you’re looking to cover French doors, patio doors or bay windows, our team can help make it happen.


Complete privacy without complete darkness, shadings and sheers are gaining in popularity among homeowners and business owners alike. Elegant and sophisticated, they’re perfect for adjusting the amount of light coming in through large windows.

Sheers and Shadings
Don't Do It Yourself!

Mitchell’s Paints installs any of the window treatments we carry in-store. Just ask about installation services when you’re here!

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